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Rad Fox: GMC Debuts Wildly Retro Desert Fox Concept [Video]

Forty years after releasing the original GMC Desert Fox pickup truck and Jimmy Desert Fox SUV, the brand is honoring the super-’70s duo with the Desert Fox Middle East truck concept. The Sierra 1500–based concept vehicle has all the subtlety of off-road-oriented pickups such as the Ford F-150 Raptor, the Ram 1500 Rebel, and the Toyota […]

More Logical Than Ludicrous: Tesla Semi Will Need to Deliver Reliability

As dramatic as the surprise unveiling of a second-generation Tesla Roadster was last week, the world does not need yet another electric supercar. What it does need is an alternative for the two-thirds of freight activity that is carried out by pollution- and carbon-dioxide–belching diesel trucks. Which is why the Tesla Semi is potentially far […]

Not Zero: Emissions from Driving an EV Vary Widely by Country

China and India both aspire to embrace electric cars to cut petroleum dependence over the next decade. But there’s a big reality check: Electric cars are only as clean as the power sources that charge them. So far, in both of these rapidly changing markets, the electrical grids are quite dirty. Both China and India fall into […]