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Aston Martin DB4 GT Continuation Driven: Suddenly, It’s 1959!

Supply and demand be damned. The principal of a self-regulating market is clearly too vulgar for the rarefied world of classic Aston Martins. The all-new, all-old “Continuation” DB4 GT—a  factory-built facsimile of the original—manages to goose Adam Smith by turning the long-established economic theory on its head. The arrival of 25 more DB4 GTs represents […]

Nissan Will Make One of Its Mainstream Models EV Only by 2025

Nissan made a daring move a decade ago when it decided to make the Leaf electric car a global mass-production effort rather than a small-scale one that would just satisfy regulators. While it had hoped to sell millions of Leafs by now and have 10 percent of its global sales be EVs by 2015—neither of which […]